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The pulse of every shelf at your fingertips

Retail Pulse gives real-time display analytics, execution visibility and competition insights from every shelf to CPG and Retailers



Execution Excellence

  • Store-level Compliance
  • Paid Retail Execution
  • Planogram / Asset Purity
  • Automated Actionable Tasks Generation for Reps

Shelf Analytics

  • Share of Shelf
  • Portfolio Visibility Mix
  • Channel Mix

Competition Insights

  • Competitors' Share of Shelf
  • Competition Offers and Marketing Activity
  • Competition Strategy


Real-time analytics cutting store audit times down by 90%.

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Starts at 95% accuracy at SKU level, even higher accuracy over time.

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Fraction of the cost compared to legacy audit solutions.

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Easy as 1-2-3

Sales rep, merchandiser or auditor takes photos of the store during a visit.

Our AI detects every SKU, company asset and promo tool in store.

Real-time analytics from every shelf at your fingertips.

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Consumer Goods Meets AI

Zaraif Hossain, Co-Founder Retail Pulse

Zaraif Hossain

Former Head of Marketing for PepsiCo’s first snacks franchise in the world. Spent career leading operations, marketing, and devising strategy for CPG giants.

Anshul Gupta, Co-Founder Retail Pulse

Anshul Gupta

Spent career building Computer Vision and NLP products for world's largest CPGs and retailers. Scaled ML and Engineering teams from scratch. Lead the AI team to win P&G Global AI Challenge in his last role.

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Across emerging markets, over 80% of essentials and consumer goods purchases take place in the local neighborhood mom & pop shops or as they are commonly called Kiranas.

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