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The pulse of every shelf at your fingertips

Retail Pulse gives real-time display analytics, execution visibility and competition insights from every shelf to CPG and Retailers



Execution Excellence

  • Store-level Compliance
  • Paid Retail Execution
  • Planogram / Asset Purity
  • Automated Actionable Tasks Generation for Reps

Shelf Analytics

  • Share of Shelf
  • Portfolio Visibility Mix
  • Channel Mix

Competition Insights

  • Competitors' Share of Shelf
  • Competition Offers and Marketing Activity
  • Competition Strategy


Real-time analytics cutting store audit times down by 90%.

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Starts at 95% accuracy at SKU level, even higher accuracy over time.

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Fraction of the cost compared to legacy audit solutions.

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Easy as 1-2-3

Sales rep, merchandiser or auditor takes photos of the store during a visit.

Our AI detects every SKU, company asset and promo tool in store.

Real-time analytics from every shelf at your fingertips.

Use Cases

Our Team

Zaraif Hossain, Co-Founder Retail Pulse

Zaraif Hossain

Co-founder & CEO

Spent career leading operations, marketing, and devising strategy for CPG giants such as Pepsico. Bachelors Degree with a Double Major in Economics and Political Science from Emory University. Entrepreneur First alumnus.

Anshul Gupta, Co-Founder Retail Pulse

Anshul Gupta

Co-founder & CTO

Product and Tech enthusiast. Built Computer Vision and NLP products for some largest CPGs and retailers. Lead and scaled tech teams. NIT Jaipur & Entrepreneur First alumnus.

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Enter, Retail Pulse

Across emerging markets, over 80% of essentials and consumer goods purchases take place in the local neighborhood mom & pop shops or as they are commonly called Kiranas.

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